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About: Spanish Royals: Past and Present, Borbones, Austrias and Trastámaras. Vintage photos, tiaras, portraits, royal palaces...Find what you are looking for in the "tags" page.

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Queens of Spain ISABEL

  • Isabel I of Castile (Ávila, 1451-Valladolid, 1504). Queen Regnant of Castile, her kingdom and her husband’s, of which she was Queen consort, form Spain.
  • Isabel of Portugal (Lisbon, 1503-Toledo, 1539). Infanta of Portugal, daughter of Manuel I, wife of Carlos I of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Isabel of Valois (Fontainebleau 1546-Madrid, 1568). Princess of France, daughter of Henri III, third wife of Felipe II.
  • Isabel of Bourbon (Fontainebleau 1602-Madrid,1644). Madame Royale, daughter of Henri IV, first wife of Felipe IV.
  • Isabel Farnese (Parma, 1692-Aranjuez, 1766). Princess of Parma, daughter of Odoardo, Hereditary Prince, second wife of Felipe V.
  • Luisa Isabel d’Orléans (Versailles, 1709-Paris, 1742). Princesse du sang, daughter of Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, wife of Luis I.
  • María Isabel of Portugal (Queluz, 1797-Aranjuez, 1818). Infanta of Portugal, daughter of John VI, second wife of Fernando VII.
  • Isabel II of Spain (Madrid, 1830-Paris, 1904). Queen Regnant of Spain (1833-1868), daughter of Fernando VII.
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